Hearing the farmers

Bill is absolutely right that farmers need to be heard

Bill is absolutely right that farmers need to be heard, not just political leaders of parties that have opposing agendas.

However, allow me just a few lines to clarify some of the key points made in the article.

What Bill describes as the “much slower process of natural selection” bears no resemblance to what chemical companies engage in today.

There is no “natural” way to cross-breed animal and plant matter, no matter how much time you give it.

The issue is not only about whether such process is natural, but if it is even compatible with what we know about crop management.

The sword of natural crop pollination cuts both ways, as farmers who need to keep their crops “organic” because of their customers, cannot because of cross pollination.

The current laws even favour these major chemical companies as the onus now falls to the farmer in such a situation to prevent patented strains of plants from being found in his fields, or he may be sued.

Do we honestly feel that chemical companies have any concern for the well-being of you and I, if they continue to be profitable and provide dividends to their shareholders?

If they are not speaking for us, who will?

I, for one, accept the words of a political party leader who is keeping this issue in the spotlight, even if it furthers her party’s agenda as well.

Daniel Bragg