Help out for Canada

Help out for Canada

The sun disappears behind the hills as a crowd gathers and eagerly awaits the festivities

The sun disappears behind the hills as a crowd gathers and eagerly awaits the festivities. People are laughing and sharing stories about last Canada Day, and as nostalgia fills the air, the first firework goes off.

A rainbow of colours and explosions soon follows, and everyone in attendance is in awe.

Every year, the North Okanagan Canada Day Society (NOCDS) hosts the Craftsman Collision Canada Day Fireworks. This year, the festivities will be held at Kin Beach. Given Canada’s sesquicentennial, it is sure to be an event to remember.

However, without the countless volunteer hours and donations required to put on such an extravaganza, there would be no show. There would be no gathering in the park to merrily observe the array of colours blossoming in the night sky. Moreover, there would be no fireworks, save the odd few that people set off in the hills.

To make the Canada Day Fireworks run as smoothly as possible, NOCDS is in need of donations and volunteers.

“We’re hoping everyone will step up like they always do in Vernon,” said Jean-Paul Robert of NOCDS.

This year, the fireworks will be choreographed to music on 107.5 KISS FM, and are sure to be memorable.

“We want to change some perspectives and make the show more impressive,” said president of NOCDS Dave Frost. “We ask for everyone to pitch in with clean up wherever they can.”

Currently, the NOCDS has around seven volunteers. Last year, events were cancelled due to the low number of people involved.

So, this year, pitch in whatever way you can. And when that first firework goes off, you will know that you played your part in honouring Canada’s big day.