Helping Hands

Animal Care Society and Creekside Veterinary Clinic help East Hill stray cat situation

I would like to thank the Animal Care Society and Creekside Veterinary Clinic for all of their help.

I recently moved to the East Hill, glad to be there until I experienced the horror of stray cats and kittens. I decided I would feed them, leaving food outside. I could not believe how many there were. I knew there had to be something out there to help.

I saw an ad in the paper with the Animal Care Society. I phoned and talked to Heather, and I went to get a cat cage.

I have caught to date, four cats and five kittens, three female cats and one male. As I caught them one at a time, they were brought to Creekside to spay or neuter. Creekside took them in right away — never a question asked by them.

In my time of panic and despair for the animals, they took me by the hand  and helped.

The Animal Care Society is a non-profit organization. All of its money is made by book sales, etc.  We can’t ignore this problem, we have to take control of the animals that are suffering.  The Animal Care Society  is registered and can give tax receipts. You can also get a membership for only $25 a year.


Joan McCallan, Vernon