Highway 97A

Resident expresses some thoughts about transportation in Enderby

Thank you Mr. Minister for your timely reply.

After reading your reply, I opened the morning paper to find the leading front page story was about your ministry hard at work with Enderby council looking for solutions.

Personally, I have always been impressed with our Ministry of Transportation, excellent work over the years. Thank you for your service.

Thank you also for improving access across our Highway 97A (nightmare) here in Enderby.

As one who also has to jump off my Harley and push the button at Knight Street or face 10 minutes of impatient drivers who won’t give us a break in traffic, the improvements you gave us helped in a big way.

In the article, your ministry announced plans to look into the feasibility of a diversion with traffic counts and  more.

I encourage you to factor in the transformation of our valley between Enderby and the turn off to Salmon Arm.

This valley would be instantly transformed into paradise retirement real estate.

Here at the Enderby Cliffs, the Shuswap River snakes down to the most beautiful land anywhere, but 97A is on the wrong side of it. A relatively short diversion to Grindrod will make everyone happy, with happy folk driving four lanes to Sicamous and Alberta, or left to Salmon Arm along existing roadway.

Anyway, kudos to you Mr Minister. Thank you for your support and please feel free to put your election sign on my front yard.

Greg Fothergill