Highway conditions

Resident concerned that divider lines can't be seen on local highways

We must be incredible drivers here in the Interior.

As the days get shorter, it seems, to me that I take my life into my hands every time I drive Highway 97 from Vernon to Kelowna. Is it just me or does anyone else out there feel the same way?

Every year, I’m surprised that we have not experienced a multi-vehicle crash due to the fact that it is almost impossible to see the lines on the road.

If it’s dark and rainy or snowing, I can’t help but think I wish I was driving in the States where you are able to see the lines on the road for metres ahead of you.

The lanes there are lit up by your headlights and you actually know where you are on the road. Here, in the North Okanagan, you are constantly checking the faded lines in front of you, watching the meridians to the left and right of you and praying that you are not slowly driving into them.

Then comes the maniac on your left side driving like a bat out of hell.

Even with the new stretch of highway, it still seems like you are driving blind and who knows what would happen if a deer or something is standing or lying in the middle of the road.

I’d love to start a petition to put reflectors on our highways to clearly lay out the lanes in front of us. But at 53, I don’t think I will live long enough to see something done.

If you have any ideas or agree with me, I’d love to hear it.


Roy Bouman