Highway tragedy

On April 28, the communities of New Denver and Nakusp lost  one of their own, Randy Duncan, 22-years-old.

The accident that claimed his young life occurred on a stretch of Highway 6, in the Monashee area, that has been known by all that have driven it, to be very dangerous, full of hairpin turns, narrow lanes, plunging embankments, and even a one-lane bridge.

This tragic accident didn’t have to happen. The provincial and federal governments have long been aware of the dangers of allowing tractor-trailer chip trucks on this stretch of highway.

Now a family has lost their precious son, a beautiful young woman has lost the love of her life, and an innocent baby girl will grow up never knowing the daddy who loved her dearly.

This portion of the highway should have been restricted from these monstrous trucks long ago. Many truck drivers have complained of the hazards of driving tractor-trailer trucks on this road.

The road is too narrow. There are times when a passenger vehicle will meet not just one or two of these trucks on the highway, but three in a row. It is not a route for those that are faint of heart, and many a prayer has been said by those that have taken this route in good or bad weather conditions. It should be a WCB safety infraction to take such a dangerous route when there is a much safer alternate route available.

This route is not a necessity for these trucks. There is an alternate route via Highway 1 and the Galena/Shelter Bay ferry.

Yes, it probably would be more expensive, but the public’s safety should not be sacrificed for the bottom line. As members of the many communities that use this highway, we need to take action to see that this tragedy does not repeat itself.


Michael and Shawna Lagore, Nakusp