Hold the line

Resident is upset with the position being taken by teachers

This letter is in response to Bjorn Meyer. Thank you to Mr. Meyer for a most informative, well researched letter concerning the B.C. Teachers Federation and the teachers’ strike.

When I read your letter, I was delighted that you go back to the days of W.A.C. Bennett. Bennett insisted on paying off our provincial debt and he did.

Unlike today, our provincial debt is huge — $65 to $70 billion and growing. And the BCTF and teachers are asking for more?

The teachers claim they are on strike for the children’s sake, and yes, they would appreciate a raise.

I wonder if the teachers accepted, for the children, smaller-sized classrooms and extra help from aids for learning assistance with no increase in salary or benefits, would they?

Ten years ago, I retired from a health care facility, working mostly part-time for 20 years. I had no choice but to join the union.

During that period of time, there were a few strikes strongly encouraged by the union.

After a time, the union and Mr. Campbell, the then-premier, encouraged the staff to settle. In housekeeping, my salary was $16.73 per hour, plus $4 per hour for benefits. Most of the staff were happy with those wages.

But a strike was called for by the powers-that-be in the union. Long story short, the union settled with the government for a $3 per hour less wage cut plus 15 minutes a day added on to our eight hour shifts, unpaid.

The moral of this story is to be thankful for what you have. You are very fortunate with your wages, benefits, pensions and holiday time with your own children.

I for one want the government to hold the line. Be thankful and let the children praise you for doing what you love to do, teach children by example.


R. Ellen Condrat