Horses at Kal park

Resident wants specific parking for horse trailers at provincial park

I am a frequent user of Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park.

I use  the Cosens Bay parking lot  to park my horse trailer and ride my horse from there as is too dangerous to ride my horse over the narrow road.

The parking lot has been designated by B.C. Parks for horse trailer parking and so do many of us using the park for riding our horses.

The parking lot is small and often the horse trailers have no other place to park then on the road or take up 10 parking spots by backing into the back of the lot .

Parking on the road creates often very dangerous situations as the traffic is very busy and the horses often get spooked by the traffic.

I have heard many unkind words and have found nasty notes under my windshield wipers, using the parking lot if I take up extra space in the back of the lot.

Often people with small children and dogs walk around the horses not knowing how to deal with horses and not keeping safe distance .

The parking lot is getting too small due to  the high usage of the park and I am very concerned about everybody’s safety.

Also, my horse trailer was parked in by cars parking right behind my loading door so I had no choice then to pull my trailer out on the road and load my horse blocking the road.

This created a traffic jam and a many nasty comments towards myself .

The bottom line, is I feel there should be a designated parking area for horse trailers and horses separated from the general parking area.

I call on  everyone who agrees with me to write to B.C. Parks and lobby for the creation of such a parking lot.

I am sure the cost of developing a designated parking lot will cost much less than the cost of health care if someone gets seriously injured.

It is just a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured.


Kees Huisken