Hospital Hill

Resident provides his thoughts on crossing Highway 97

There appears to be three important items missing in today’s vehicles.

One, a speedometer to notify a driver when he/she is exceeding the posted 50 kilometres an hour. limit while driving down the Hospital Hill.

Two, a transmission to reduce vehicle speed in relation to engine speed.

Three, a braking system to enable the vehicle to come to a complete stop before, and not after, it kills a pedestrian.

Of course the Ministry of Transportation objects to putting any kind of traffic control at the hospital corner. It has a one-track mind and that is to fast-track all traffic into town at the hospital and out of town at Stickle Road.

I am no law student and am therefore confused about the ministry’s rejection of a request for a control at that point. Is the word demand no longer in our vocabulary? Does not a failure to protect our citizens from injury or death qualify as criminal negligence?

Or are our politicians and their staff above the law?

Jim Davis