Hospital needs funding now

Patient makes case for immediate expansion of VJH facilities

I am a patient of Dr. Troy Schultz in Vernon. I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2011.

The care and support that I have received from Dr. Schultz and his staff have been exemplary. In fact, I have been very pleased with all of my care at Vernon Jubilee Hospital.

I underwent a procedure called transurethral resection of a bladder tumour, whereby the cancerous bladder tissue was removed. I am presently undergoing immunotherapy on a weekly basis to kill the cancer cells.

An integral part of my treatment is the surgical examination of the bladder every three months. These surgeries are critical to my care as they identify ay additional growths in the bladder and enable Dr. Schultz to take action immediately.

Although the cancer diagnosis was difficult to accept, the greatest challenge with my condition is the anxiety of waiting to be scheduled for successive surgeries to monitor the progress of my disease.

The timing of these procedures is paramount, as any additional growths must be removed immediately to prevent to quick progression of my disease. Once Dr. Schultz submits a request for operating room time, we have to wait for this time to be available.

I know I am not Dr. Schultz’s only patient requiring this surgery. I understand that he has just under 300 patients like me in his practice, and we are all left to wait for our allocated operating room time.

The lack of OR time available to Dr. Schultz and his team and the continual cancellation of OR time is a grave concern and negatively impacts my health and that of other cancer patients.

As resident of Vernon, I am very pleased with the opening of the tower at Vernon Jubilee Hospital.

However, it is immensely frustrating to know that there are two acute care floors and operating rooms that are not finished and available for use.

Following a public uproar, the government has committed to completing and opening these floors and operating rooms. The timing of such, however, is not acceptable.

It is imperative that the Liberal government allocate sufficient funding to the Interior Health Authority immediately to free up operating room time.

Specifically, Dr. Schultz and his team are requiring additional cystoscopy time in order to be able to service their patients, improve patient quality of life and save lives.

As a long-time resident of B.C., a taxpayer, and a supporter of the Liberals, I am appealing to them to address this critical matter and take action immediately, namely, increased funding to enable to opening and operation of operating room time at the Venon Jubilee Hospital, which will no doubt result in increased cystoscopy time for Dr. Schultz and his team.

This will enable patients like myself to get the critical procedures required to halt the progression of their disease and save lives.

Joseph Real Rousseau