Hospital situation needs help now

I would like to add my voice to the many who are extremely concerned at the overcrowding at our Vernon Jubilee Hospital.

I would like to add my voice to the many who are extremely concerned at the overcrowding at our Vernon Jubilee Hospital. It was alarming and saddening to be a patient there recently. I came in with a broken shoulder but was placed after surgery in the maternity ward for post-op care where the nurses were too busy with the post-partum care and lacked knowledge to care for a recovering orthopedic surgery patient. I was angry, but I was more angry at the patients I saw trying to deal with recovery parked in a bed in a hallway. To regain health, a person must have rest.

I don’t think hallway beds are conducive to rest. As well, the staff, while being kind and considerate and as helpful as could be under the circumstances, were clearly overworked, called in on their days off to cover shifts of other nurses who had to go on sick leave to deal with the stress of the working conditions. Daily the hospital in running at over capacity. Your constituency has grown Mr. Foster, perhaps you have not noticed?

How could it be that while we have raised funds to build a tower of care and equip it,  we still lack beds?  How can it be that we need to have fundraisers to build and equip our Tower of Care for Vernon Jubilee Hospital, when millions are spent for the roof of B.C. Place?

I think we should be fundraising for this type of venue for our entertainment needs and our elected government should be  providing the necessary funds for the badly needed hospital space and care here in Vernon.  I read in the paper that you are concerned and that you are  looking into it. But sir if you would pay attention to what your voters are saying, you would know that we have been in this sorry state of overcrowding… over capacity, beds in hallways, lack of surgery available, for a few years now.

As my surgery has failed because of the severeness of my injury, I am at home now and in much pain daily waiting for a shoulder replacement surgery. I am told there are approximately 200 patients ahead of me. Then I am told that surgeries have been put on hold at Vernon Jubilee Hospital while  we transfer to the new addition…And then finally I am told that there are two empty floors that are shelled in that cannot be used until funding is found.

Mr. Foster I find this unbelievable!  Preposterous! Unacceptable! Will we have to hold another bake sale to get the two floors open so that I and other people can access the care that we need desperately here in the North Okanagan?

I know that I am not the only citizen in this situation. I recently heard of a gentleman who has been waiting 58 weeks for a hip replacement! There are many others as well.  I am sure you have heard from some of them.  Will that be me a year from now?  Painfully, helplessly waiting for a date for surgery, praying it won’t be cancelled.

We are upset with you Eric Foster. Do you represent the people of your constituency?  You will not have my vote in the next election nor a great many others if you do not intercede on our behalf.  We will vote with our feet. Please show us that our elected faith in you has not been wasted.

Kara Barkved