Hospital situation

Open letter to the premier of B.C. and her health minister:

Open letter to the premier of B.C. and her health minister:

You have heard from the administrators, the doctors, the nurses and the staff of Vernon Jubilee Hospital regarding the chronic, deplorable situation of the hospital bed shortage.

I would like to tell you how this shortage of beds effects the people who have to use this hospital.

My elderly wife, Dawn, was taken to the emergency ward March 10 seriously ill. On March 11, it was determined that she had a very short time left to live.

At this stage, she would have been put in a ward, if not a private room. But there were no beds available.

She was kept in emergency March 12 and 13 with all of the crowded hustle and bustle and noise which are part of the emergency environment.

All the staff in the emergency department were extremely kind and efficient but understandably had to give priority to others.

On March 14, a bed became available and she was moved to a four-person ward.

Her condition had deteriorated and it was most uncomfortable for the other three patients who could see that she was dying.

Her two sisters who died at VJH were given a private room as they neared the end so they could talk to their family and friends in comfort and in private.

Dawn was moved to Hospice House and died there.

I have the highest admiration for all the staff, doctors and nurses at VJH and Hospice House.

Can you explain to me why this treatment was not worth budgeting enough money for proper hospital care?

Dawn would have wanted me to write this letter.

Dale Elmer