How about Saturdays?

Saturday markets could liven up downtown Vernon more than Friday market

The city has given the nod to “Avenue Market”.  The Downtown Vernon Association is hoping people will come out and wander the streets, shopping and socializing.

I wonder, has anyone involved in this vision ever been to the Penticton Farmers Market?  That is a real experience and it brings the farmers in to sell their product, vendors of all kinds selling their wares and the downtown shops with their stock set up on the sidewalks, all kinds of food vendors.  And people come from all over just for the experience.  Now take a look at downtown Vernon on a Saturday.  No one about, nothing happening. Dull.

I personally work all week and do my grocery shopping Friday nights.  Once done, I just want to get home and relax. I go up to Armstrong to the farmers market there on Saturdays. I am sure there are many Vernon shoppers would love to see the Avenue Market include the Farmers Market and be held on a Saturday.  Why on earth would you want to have another event on the Friday nights when it could be so much more?

Judy Robinson, Vernon