I just want to go to school

A student expresses frustration with everyone involved in the education dispute

As I write this letter, I am sitting in my school. My school that is one of my favourite places, is now strangely eerie with no kids, teenagers, or teachers inside.

The sight of the countless empty halls and classrooms makes me feel abandoned by all of  the leaders. Leaders who I thought were supposed to be looking out for me.

Those leaders say they care but actions speak louder than words, and their actions scream, “Students are expendable.”

In Canada, we pride ourselves on our systems of government, education, health, and standards of living. Why are you not living up to your responsibilities to provide our education?

B.C. students are being held hostage during negotiations. When students have a conflict, they do not get to leave the principals’ office until it is resolved. Once resolved they continue to do their job, go to school and learn.

Our leaders, who are our role models, are not doing a very good job.

They are acting like arguing children by not coming to an agreement. Their behaviour reflects poorly on themselves, it turns them into hypocrites. They are all acting the complete opposite way they teach us to act.

The strike and why it is happening can be confusing. We, the students, want an education. We want to go to school. Stop treating us like a bargaining chip in your negotiations. The sooner our leaders live up to their responsibilities, the sooner we can exercise our right to learn.


A student