ICBC fees are outrageous: Vernon reader

ICBC fees are outrageous: Vernon reader

‘It is prejudice’

The ICBC fees for new drivers are outrageous.

1. It is prejudiced against young people and new drivers.

The young adults are struggling hard enough to get ahead in life, with school fees, books, car expenses, gas, expensive housing, etc.

Maybe some places like Vancouver they can take a bus, but that option is very limited elsewhere in B.C.

2. What happened to innocent until proven guilty.

It is not fair to penalize everyone for the few.

ICBC is accusing all young/new drivers of being guilty of having accidents. Don’t punish the innocent.

I feel the fees should be low until there has been a proven accident.

Is B.C. trying to put more people on the street and on welfare?

It would be interesting to see what our legal system has to say about this.

Patricia Rudersdorfer


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