Icy sidewalks

Resident concerned about the condition of Vernon sidewalks in the winter

As a senior and daily walker, much of which is on our sidewalks, I am responding to the article in The Morning Star reporting on the poor winter condition on some of our sidewalks.

First of all, the report is factual.

To be quite frank, I do much of my walking on the street which is generally sanded, rather taking my chances dodging traffic over my chances of slipping and falling on the sidewalk.

To expect all residents to clear their sidewalk might a little impractical.

Many are seniors, not really capable of doing it and many others have to leave for work at 6 A.M. being unavailable to do it when it needs doing.

Perhaps the only practical answer is a slight tax increase to employ people who need a job to do the areas that have been identified as in chronically poor condition.

J.L. Mawle