IHA Wants Your Help

“As the seniors’ care system evolves — with the advice and involvement of national and international seniors’ care experts, local care planners, advocates, seniors and their families — the Ministry of Health expects B.C. will become a better place for seniors of every age.” (from BC Ministry of Health 2005)

This philosophy is echoed  in IHA’s Community Engagement Framework: As an organization, we believe it is our responsibility to involve communities in decisions that impact their health care options. Our goal is to bring diverse voices to the table, to further the process of information sharing and generate solutions based on collective wisdom and good will. Coupled together we are witnessing a seismic shift in health care, from the previous  top-down, ‘we know best” model to one that is more inclusive in its decision-making matrix.”

“Recognizing this shift, Interior Health increasingly relies on cooperation with local government agencies, nonprofit organizations, advocacy groups and individual citizens when making decisions that impact their health care services and their environments.”

Please help IHA. If you have suggestions for their continually improving health services and new standards of excellence, please contact Honourable Michael de Jong, Minister of Health Services, Room 337, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C., V8V 1X4.

Christian Sjonnesen

Music Therapist