In appreciation

Resident pleased with how two individuals helped her daughter

There is a young man in town who deserves a huge thank you for his thoughtful and generous help on Nov. 2, but I do not know his name.

That afternoon, when my adult daughter was disoriented after being knocked off of her bike in a crosswalk a tall, thin, bearded man in his 30s put my daughter’s bike in his truck and drove her to the emergency ward of Vernon Jubilee Hospital to get checked out.

She was in shock at the time, and did not think to get his name but I am so very appreciative of how he came to her rescue.

Another young man, who was witness to the entire event, recorded the pertinent license information from the driver and gave my daughter his card should she need to follow through with a claim.

He is also deserving of recognition. Thank you to Ryan Newton.

It is great to know there are such good people in Vernon who keep the well being of others in mind.

Julie Larsen