In defence of cyclists

Re: Barry Beardsell’s comments about transportation demand management in The Morning Star March 16. True, we don’t need lycra cyclists on trails. What we do need is regular people, in their regular clothing, able to get around town safely on bike, on roads or paths that are direct and accessible.

The former councillor always provides The Morning Star with something quotable, hardly ever positive, but that’s how he has always represented himself.

I think he means well and I think his comments do get people to think.

I’ve always thought of him more of a devil ’s advocate, who gives opportunities to prove him wrong, clarify misconceptions and promote items that are in the public’s interest.

So, in this instance, Mr. Beardsell is suggesting that TDM has no value as evidenced by their dedication to spandex cyclists on trails.

Great. He’s wrong about both the spandex and trails.

He suggests there will be time later on in Vernon’s existence to plan for other forms of transportation. Seemingly ignoring the fact that the town centre is losing its shops and vibrancy because of lack of pedestrian accessibility, population density and tendency for people to shop for price, not service, when what they need/want is not within walking distance.

I hope the city planners, TDM co-ordinator and engineers keep up the good work. I also hope they always keep in mind that the public can and will question everything they do, and that they should always be ready to illustrate that TDM projects are not flights of fancy or staff whims. They are projects meant to enhance the livability and sustainability of the city for the citizens.

Bruce Mol,

Chair of the Greater Vernon Cycling

Advisory Committee