In response

With all due respect, I suggest Dean Roosevelt Google MP Elisabeth May and Lyme disease. At the federal level, she is dedicated to having a national response to Lyme disease.

To suggest there is not a connection between our local federal MP and the fight against Lyme disease is specious at best. Stumping for Mr. Arnold while questioning his role in Canada’s responsibility to develop a comprehensive identification and treatment plan denies Mr. Arnold an opportunity to make a positive impact on a necessary plan to recognize the detrimental effects of Lyme disease on the citizens. As with all else that passes before our legislators in Ottawa, this subject deserves full consideration and deliberation from all levels of government.

To call the very necessary work within our government a ‘whim’ is disingenuous at best and insulting to the work of members of all parties. If that is the standard then the whims of the last government brought us to this point where a new government is awarded, through an election process, the responsibility of the lead role in our governance model. There are no issues a busy MP should not address when it is of concern to a local resident. That’s what doing the job entails.

Glenna Miles