In the dark

After the May 23/24 electrical outage on Westside Road, I was asked by some residents why it took so long to restore power?

I responded that it could be because of higher priorities or difficult terrain. So I compiled outage information in chronological order from the B.C. Hydro website for the outages in our general area.

The Westside Road outage (under the name Lake Country) was the third outage reported after 5 p.m. and had the second highest number of customers affected, but took the longest time to restore.

I have to commend the crews that tackled this high number of outages (37), but I also have to question how the priorities are established. There may be extenuating circumstances, but we are left to guess what those might be as there is little or no information supplied in that regard.

On the surface, it simply appears that we got the short end of the stick and attempts to contact B.C. Hydro have failed.

John Coutts

North Westside