Increased costs

Resident challenges the impact of government on taxpayers

I feel I must comment on the letter submitted by Barry Dorval about three weeks ago.

Mr. Dorval is concerned about any future raises for himself and his fellow teachers.

However, school enrolment in the Vernon area has been declining by more than 100 pupils per year for some time. Yet, our school taxes for 2013 increased by 12.2 per cent.

If there are that many less pupils but higher taxes, where does all of this money go? Salaries?

I live on a fixed income with no indexed pension as I am sure many others do.

A lot of us do not have an indexed pension like many government employees receive. And a number of us have to pay for our own  MSP and extra private health insurance on top of that to cover prescriptions, etc.

Yet, it is my understanding that teachers get this paid by the taxpayers.

My property tax increased by $363 from 2012 to 2013 and I feel this is outrageous.

As we all know, the sports complex will increase everyone’s taxes again and not just by $15 as we were led to believe, but by a much higher increase. I am willing to bet right now that my taxes will increase by at least $50 for that complex.

Already, I see that the archeological study for that complex has gone up by 150 per cent.

It would seem that anything government touches has constant overruns.

All of  this scares me to no end. Welfare here I come.


Arthur Klukas