Independence lost due to suspension

Resident expresses concerns about the driving test program

My car is half of my life because I still cook and  look after my suite. I buy fruit for some people, take them to the bank and usually these people are in wheelchairs and that means I’m responsible for them. And now I feel useless because I can’t help these people in need.

When I was at the doctor’s office examining my eyes, the doctor said my vision was in good condition. But yet I still had to do a driver’s test although I still had two years left on my driver’s license.

Since I did that road test but did not pass, I was thinking to myself, “I have been driving 50 years without an accident and I do know I’m a good driver. Otherwise, I would just quit on my own.”

Now back to the road test. First of all, it’s like in an army. After 45 minutes of driving, one gets tired of shoulder/back looking and so on. I’m pretty sure a good driver will always make sure there is nobody in the blind spot and all those little things. You are under pressure (who needs that?). Second of all, the streets were dirty and I couldn’t see any white lines. Needless to say, five mistakes. I just touched the line, which I could not see, so my license got suspended.

I still play tennis and I am a member of the Schubert Centre but the days I want to be there, the bus does not go from Coldstream Meadows. It only goes 2.5 days a week and doesn’t drive to the tennis field, only to one place and picks you up two hours later. How can I get from one end of town to the other end if I need things from there?

I have worked my entire life for that car and now I’m not allowed to drive anymore. How sad is that? I feel like I’m in the middle of a huge chaos right now. I have no more independence although I’m in perfect condition.

I feel safe in my driving when I’m alone in my car completely concentrating, respecting school zones, people crossing the street and so on. Although I would have my license for two more years right now, it was suddenly taken away from me. Of course if my two years would expire by themselves, I would know time is up, give up driving and I would go with my instincts and stop driving all by myself.

Two recommendations were given to me but in this world today, nothing counts anymore except for looking over your shoulder 100 times and so on.

I don’t think they care enough for older people. After all, we helped form our country into what it is today. I worked 40 years for the public and this is what I get in return. I am very unhappy right now.

Before I went to do my road test, I took $200 worth of driving lessons, learning lots and obeying my instructor but all for nothing.

They want you out, more than 80, old stuff.

Ingeborg Schaffner