Information highway

Resident says City of Vernon must consider latest technology for tourism info

I just read with interest the letter from Claus Larsen, general manager of the Best Western  Vernon Lodge.

He makes some very insightful points. Before I read it, I checked out who the contributor was, and thought, “here is somebody with an informed opinion.”

I was right, Mr. Larsen is involved because of the business he is in, his seat on the tourism advisory committee (TAC), and because of his, “experience and knowledge not just in Vernon, but in other communities and understand how tourism marketing continues to change.”

Municipal TACs are all connected.  One of the most  significant changes he notes, “is the way visitors seek information.”

We live in a  digitally connected  society, and Vernon must be able to supply current, up-to-date information to which digital hunters will have quick and easy access.

I’m sure any visitor, or RV pilots, who wish to visit any local tourism office, if they can’t physically see it, will have his co-pilot or crew check their tablet or laptop via Wi-Fi, to see what is available, and where in the town to explore.

With this insight in mind, I hope the city is prepared to make available timely and up-to-date information. And local businesses and organizations must make their own information readily available to the city so they can include it in their pod-cast.

If this is to be the city’s future with the tourism industry, they and any contributor, will have to be very active on this information highway, where the limit is posted at the speed of light, and tickets will be issued for going too slow.


John Raikes