Internal security

Resident proud of what the Conservative government has done for Canadian stature as a nation.

I am a proud Canadian. And, I am proud of what the last years of Conservative government have done for Canadian stature as an nation.

In a nutshell, Bill 51 does little more than modernize our  compilation of security-related data by bringing electronic collection into line with those of our allies throughout the western world. It is welcomed by both the RCMP and CSIS. Security is very expensive in this day and age, so we have to be careful with  every dollar we spend. It is important that both the RCMP and CSIS work efficiently in this very complicated modern age.

Much of what is happening in China, the Middle East and eastern Europe is in many ways unprecedented.

Surely, if we are to have more money for foreign aid, we have to spend more wisely on internal security.

And besides, gentle reader, just consider the information you post on the net, and social media and think of how much you compromise your own security.

Bill Dunsmore