Calling on the government to reinstate Internet access.

I read on April 15 that Colin Mayes feels that Internet capability is ‘not that expensive’ or hey, just go to an Internet Cafe.

Um, Colin, you need a computer to do that.

The federal government has removed funding for Internet use for marginalized populations, the Senior’s Centre in Vernon, kids couch surfing or in other situations, libraries and in rural centres, such as Lumby, where the Whitevalley Community Resource Centre plays a vital role.

What about just establishing some funding priorities?

They saved, don’t hold your breath, about $100,000 locally.

The federal government subsidizes oil companies to the tune of $1.4 billion every year, according to the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), which together with provincial subsidies amount to $2.84 billion.

Do they need it?

I don’t know where this is going to end or change.

We have a government that cuts pennies by penalizing most those people who have no voice – people who are already struggling to make ends meet or need extra help.

If you want to let someone in charge know what you think about removing the ‘Community Access Funding’, and if you can’t find Colin Mayes return address on his mail that has been mailed to you at taxpayer’s expense – or maybe there are budget cutbacks and this ‘free’ mail has stopped – you can email him at ‘’.

Stephen Harper’s email  is ‘’.

On the website, it says Stephen Harper greatly values the thoughts and suggestions of Canadians.

Joanne Feenstra