Its too easy to condemn humans

Letter writer says that humans are animals and we, as a species, do as all animals do.

In response to Mr. Sandberg, I would like to ask: Where did you write from? I will assume a computer, inside your home or office located somewhere in or near town.

It is all well and good, to sit there and judge and condemn without taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture.

I do not condone or endorse the slaughter of animals. I for one would have preferred relocation as well.

But I also know I am in no position to make that call and will leave it to those who have to make that tough call.

But please do remember, that humans are animals and we, as a species, do as all animals do.

We survive. We have developed our own methods for such and although it seems brutal or cruel, it is how things have developed since the dawn of mankind.

Humans fight, hunt and claim territory in order to survive, just as other animals do.

Please also do remember that those protectors of society you are all too happy to condemn put themselves and their own wellbeing in harm’s way when they have to.

Without them, society and the world for us, as a people, would be much more dangerous, and not just from bears, but from each other as well.

So please, I ask you, and everyone who might be reading this, to remember.

We are no better then animals.

We have simply discovered and evolved in such a way that has allowed us to exist as we are and enjoy the comforts of a house, a computer, a home-cooked meal, a vehicle, even a newspaper and such.


Dorian Hodgson