Joining together

Resident calls for Greater Vernon jurisdictions to amalgamate

Amalgamation makes sense. Instead of the passionately contested model that would see Coldstream joining with Vernon, I think it would be great if Vernon (my city) amalgamated with Coldstream.

Coldstream could stay rural (as many wish), and Vernon could build on its own rural heritage to foster efficient government and food sustainability.

This new city of Coldstream or Kalamalka or Long Lake or New Aberdeen (or something else) could be a model of decentralization and the greening of urban space in preparation for the future.

It would pave the wave for incorporation of a rural BX too.

Even better, the college and the Okanagan Indian Band could use their relationship to the Commonage to develop this new city as a model of First Nations food technology and grasslands renewal, that could then be linked to agricultural renewal in general and the addition of rural-based industrial gardens (agricultural innovation centres, using unused farmland, linked to innovative college programs in arts, science and technology).

This would add to current community food gardens and recreational fields and parks.

All of the pieces are here.

We don’t have to follow the urbanization path of Kelowna or any of thousands of similar cities.

We can do way better, and what’s best is the future is going to be built upon urban relationships with the earth.

It’s coming. Let’s make Vernon the centre of that before the eggs are in too many baskets.

Think of it, our community as a world centre of educational, political, social and industrial innovation, flush with jobs, rich with young people, and united.

Harold Rhenisch