Keep B.C. beautiful: letter

Keep B.C. beautiful: letter

Recycle those pipeline ideas

To the editor and the federal and provincial governments:

Why can’t the people of beautiful B.C. stop the pipelines for good? We have not had anyone ask us if we wanted to buy them and we have not had anyone tell us who has been trained (as in a crew) to clean up an oil spill or a (bitumen) an invented word for toxic waste (like the lakes around the tar sands) that the Albertans want shipped to China?

Who will clean up a spill in a forest fire and how hot can a pipe get before it blows up and kills and destroys everything and all life around it?

Also who in the world has trained a crew to clean up beautiful B.C.’s harbours or the open international ocean between us and China when there is an oil or (Bitumen) toxic waste spill?

Oh and who will be responsible for cleaning up the spill? Would it be China for the multitude (300 more) new oil tankers coming our harbours to get it? Would it be Alberta for supplying it? The federal government who bought the pipelines? Or the taxpayers who are already paying for it?

Whose fault will it be? The rich Chinese? The rich Albertans? Or the rich federal government?

Where will be able to find them after they get their tax breaks? Their richest man just died and where did his $500 billion go? Maybe to Trudeau and friends? Or Scheer and friends and family?

It sure won’t go to climate change. It’s too bad there isn’t a children’s government. They would do a much better job of running Canada and keeping B.C. beautiful. And by the way, the money we could save on the pipelines could go to restoring and saving the forestry and trucking industries in beautiful B.C. And by the way where does all the recycling go?

It all needs to be recycled with respect to our world. It should all go back to the makers of it. P.S. Please keep beautiful B.C. clean, recycled and green.

Gaye Agnew