Keep it simple

Resident provides some feedback on the Stickle Road debate

The only thing going roundabout at Stickle Road is the conversation regarding what needs to be done.

I see many contradictions in most of the suggested fixes. How about we ask the simple question first. What is creating the problem? If your answer is speed, slow it down.

It’s quick , cheap and good.

If it’s anything else, then the answers just become more extravagant. Roundabouts, merge lane extensions, no left turns, lights, signals and lots of expense for us and just create a huge make work for someone. It’s pretty easy to see that speed reduction solves the problem in the least amount of time, effort and  money.  The  fears of traffic mayhem are specious at best.

The roundabout causes confusion and requires a significant slowdown thereby negating the theory that speed reduction won’t solve the problem.

I  have used the small roundabouts in town and you must be very vigilant to sudden changes in traffic flow or inexplicable stoppages inside the roundabout,  and that is all happening at 20 kilometres an hour.

I shudder to think what would happen on our highway just outside of town if the same driving habits travel there and involve all that large truck traffic.

The traffic light would be expensive but get the job done. The no left-turns ignores the traffic patterns observed by the tenants of business and residences in the area.

The proposed changes restricting drivers from 27th Street make no sense at all.

This area is fertile ground for future development. Instituting a firm immutable traffic pattern  without an easy out for change seems rash and may be unnecessary. Common sense dictates a calm and reasoned approach.

Understand the problem first. Offer solutions. Agree on the most feasible one that meets the demand for a perceived change. Check your budget, the practicalities and then get it done.

The most expensive decision does not make it the correct decision. Overthinking wastes time and money.

The same problem exists on other cross roads in this area. The same solution, a speed reduction, would solve them all.

It would save money and lives if they acted upon  it in the least amount of time. Apply same to Birnie Road intersection.

It’s just so hard to comprehend how so simple a solution appears so hard for grasp by the ministry charged with managing our highways. It’s time for action.

Glenna Miles