Keep roads clean

Resident urges others in the community to pick up trash

Spring is the time of year when the mess along our roadsides surfaces once again.

We can complain about the litter and its causes, but litter will not disappear.

We have to pick it up which is a thankless task. I would like to thank the following Foothills residents who recently cleaned up along six kilometres of Silver Star Riad on a terribly rainy and cool morning. The participants were D. Kennedy, D. and D. Dunlop, M. Roney and F. Green.

It would be great if all residents and business owners in Vernon maintained the roads and streets, including allowances, in front of their homes and establishments. Vernon’s appearance would be greatly enhanced.

However, be aware of the following.

You are obviously responsible for your own safety and possibility of injury. If you organize a group clean-up, you should consider having your volunteers sign a waiver or release of liability so you are not liable for any accident or injury sustained by any of the volunteers.

The Internet provides templates for waivers but you might want to get some legal advice after you have selected one.

The City of Vernon will not supply you with one. If you or your group wants to be part of the city’s Adopt-a-Road initiative, you or your group must currently have $3 million public liability and sign the city’s waiver of liability so the city is in no way responsible for any accidents or injuries.

If organizing your own group clean-up, check first to see if the city will be willing to pick up your bags and at what location.

It’s annoying we have to be so conscious of possible legal problems but you need not  be deterred from litter pick-up.

Wear bright clothing, gloves and good footwear, leave hazardous materials and notify the city of its location, make sure you do not cause any accidents, and do not include young children if cleaning along major arteries.

Let’s beautify Vernon.

M. VanSickle