Keep the Kal Beach pier

Health and safety are very much of a concern in the public these days, but can we really babysit everyone? Can anyone take responsibility for themselves? There are rules and regulations in place everywhere we go. The problem is no one is there to enforce these rules and regulations when they are being broken.

Do we really need to close down the pier because of a fight and some minor injuries which are probably way fewer than any of the ski hills or skateboard parks around here? I don’t hear doctors’ support for these to be shut down? Illegal drinking is the cause of most fights. Should we pave over the skateboard parks because there might be broken bones or scraped knees or illegal activities? Should we close the parks because somebody might fall off a swing set or have a beer in their coffee mug?

Put more patrols out there during the times needed. Security guards only really need to observe and report. I really don’t think the RCMP are intimidated by a bunch of teenagers in bathing suits. At the skateboard park in Coldstream, there’s a surveillance camera. Why not put one on the light pole facing the entrance to the pier? That way there is video evidence of anyone who is breaking the rules.

The mayor has said that the health and safety at the beach is most important. Well there is one other thing being overlooked at Kal Beach that is very harmful — silicosis from the dusty sand. About 10 years ago, the decision was made to put new sand on Kal Beach. This was a great idea but the problem was they didn’t put washed sand back. The new sand is horrible. You get dust in your eyes from a kid running by 10 feet away and if you want to play volleyball, you are going to have to blow dust nuggets from your nose.

Now with half of the beach gone, this would be a good opportunity to scrape the dirty sand back off of the beach down to the original nice washed sand, and put down some new clean washed sand that is safe and healthy for everybody

I think the dock should be restored. With the new rail trail happening, the combination will make it even more of a destination, and help with tourism, which the region depends on.

Many people return year after year because their kids and families enjoy it. What if we don’t restore it and we rip off our future generations for 100 years or more waiting for the flood?

D. McDonald