Kraft fundraiser

Vernon food bank clients can benefit from national online program

This is the easiest fundraiser ever.

All you have to do is log on to once a day, every day, until Dec. 31 and select Vernon food bank from a drop-down menu. For each log-on, the food bank receives 50 cents.

Anyone who lives in Canada can participate, so please tell all of your friends, family and contacts to log on to and select the Vernon food bank.

When the program is completed, the food bank that has collected the most log-ons will receive a $5,000 bonus, in addition to the money they have already collected.

There are 21 participating food banks for B.C. and the northern territories.

Through the Kraft Food for Families program, they all have an opportunity to raise a sizable amount of funds.

Given that no food bank in Canada receives government funding, the Vernon food bank must take full advantage of this program.

Vernon, at the time of writing, had more log-ons than either Kelowna or Penticton, but we were way behind Sicamous. Come on Vernonites, we have a population of almost 40,000.

If 20,000 people logged-in on one day, we would raise $10,000 in a day. After eight days, we are only at $861, so there must be fewer than 400 people participating on a daily basis.

I have just received an e-mail from Clearwater saying that they are going to try to beat our total. This is a challenge as they are not far behind us.

Once again, please log on to

I am new to Vernon and my contact base is quite limited so that is why I thought that I would reach out through the newspaper. Please tell your friends and fellow workers or students.

Reach out through your clubs and religious organizations to let people know about this opportunity.


Shirley Weishuhn