Kudos to councils

Letter writer supports changes to Kin Beach on Lakeshore Road

In a recent edition of The Morning Star, the editorial speaks to the recent barriers set up on Lakeshore Road at Kin Beach. Firstly, I think kudos should be given to the councils of the day, both on the City of Vernon side, and the Okanagan Indian Band side. This work (or something like this), has been a long time coming and apparently not able to be agreed upon by previous councils representing both sides. The editorial speaks of the opinion of the work done in percentages of in-favor/not-in-favor, being 56 per cent to 43 per cent respectively. The problem here is that the public wasn’t consulted before the work was done, as to what they think might work best.

Again, things were just done without thinking ahead. It stands to reason that, with the public having gotten used to being able to park wherever they want, that when that convenience, (and safety hazard in this case) was taken away, like water itself, they would find the path of least resistance to compensate for it.

Whether this work is meant to be temporary or not, perhaps what would have worked better, ( and still can), is to have the barriers, once at the old boat launch entrance, turn toward the lake and section off the boat launch parking area from the beach itself, giving the public some parking. As the season has some time left, this would be valuable and save the road from getting plugged up with vehicles, making it safer.

You are not going to have blankets and chairs spread around on that spot anyway and it would probably accommodate up to about 15-20 cars if done well.

Also, the little piece of property, across Lakeshore Road from the boat launch lot right against the creek, at present is a complete eyesore.

This could be cleaned off and used for parking for now, whether the city owns it, or could possibly lease it from its owner.

These two fairly simple remedies should help make Lakeshore Road safer for all.

Rory White