Lakeshore Road

Vernon's greatest untapped jewel, Lakeshore Road, remains untouched

Why is there no interest in this city to develop Lakeshore Road?

It’s Vernon’s greatest untapped jewel and the only ones that seem to know it are the developers.

Doesn’t anyone in this city desire to have nice beaches like Kelowna, Penticton and Osoyoos? Kin Beach in the summer is an uncontrolled nightmare.

The beach is covered with cars, trucks, campers and dogs and their droppings for kids to play in.

This city spent a huge amount of money on a back road behind Canadian Tire that is hardly used while all the city’s lake accesses are just unkempt empty lots with potholes and unkempt bushes.

The park benches and new grass promised never appeared.

Does no one here desire a nice waterfront with arbours, benches, flower beds and walkways with coffee houses and restaurants like Granville Island.

Also, Lakers Golf Course would make an awesome city-owned RV park.

Here is where all the tourist dollars are lost and everyone is still driving through to nicer destinations.

Too bad.


M. Andruchow, Vernon