Landfill fires

Firefighter provides some insight into blazes at the landfill

As a firefighter who has responded to both major fires this year at the landfill, I feel that using dirty, leachate water is not the answer.

First, we have year-round access.

Next, we need to have a good pump to fill the tenders.

There’s no use having a slow pump trying to fill a big truck. We are just wasting time.

If we suck up dirty water, this will affect nozzle performance and firefighter safety.

To put a hydrant system in would cost millions which is out of the question as this money could be used to improve our more populated areas rather than just one specific location.

The other big problem was the lookie-loos on Birnie Road.

It was very lucky that we did not have a major accident on Highway 97.

But overall, all departments pull together; co-operation and co-ordination.

There was a 100 per cent good job by the firefighters.

Warren Otway

BX-Swan Lake

Fire Department