Landing decision a mistake

Resident questions city's decision to cancel contract with Okanagan Landing firefighters

Patrick  Nicol felt the Okanagan Landing Fire Department was blindsided. They  were not, they were stabbed in the back.

Brian Quiring says, “We need them to be under the direction of the Vernon fire chief.” Why would that be? The OLVFD have been in operation for 37 years with  zero, and I mean zero, complaints. Nineteen years years we have been in the city, all  without complaints.

Catherine Lord said with the level of training, “we want it to be more uniform, it makes sense to be part of our training group.” Excuse me?  The OLVFD is always training, like every other volunteer fire department is.

These volunteers have kept us safe, for 37 years. Now you want to throw them aside? Shame on you.

A few years ago, then-fire chief Carlisle wanted to bring the OLVFD  into the city under one umbrella, so to speak. I think that this is just a continuation of the same  ploy, with the end result being paid firemen at the Landing, even though I have been reassured this is not the case. I find that very hard to believe.

If the OLVFD choose not the join the city, then what? Who will drive the big red truck?

According to CHBC, the city will save $60,000. What is $60,000  compared   to the million spent for the New Delhi restaurant? How many millions went into the medical clinic building and  the flower shop?  Let us not forget Allenby Way. You can drive down any time and see service trucks,  and even city trucks parked on the sidewalk, what a mistake that was.  It wasn’t broken, and neither is the OKLFD.

Please consider renewing the contract, and tell them your bloody sorry about the error some of our staff and  councillors have made. And please stay, we need you.

Rose Pollock