Landing fire hall

Resident questions the city's actions regarding fire protection

It has recently come to my attention that the Okanagan Landing fire hall is not staffed.

I  had been under the impression  that when the Okanagan Landing Volunteer Fire Department was shut down by the city, that the fire hall would be staffed by fire fighting professionals 24/7.

When I inquired to the Vernon Fire Department administration, I was advised that the Okanagan Landing fire hall was now fire hall #2 and was not staffed. But in the event of a fire in Okanagan Landing, firefighters were sent from fire hall #1, assisted by volunteers, presumably from Okanagan Landing.

This seems to be a giant leap backward. How is the new format improving on the fire protection that we had under the Okanagan Landing Volunteer Fire Department?

How many volunteer firefighters actually live in Okanagan Landing or nearby? When we had a volunteer department, I regularly saw the fire hall doors open and the fire trucks out being tested.


Allan Phillips