Landing firefighters

Resident questions city's decision to cancel contract with volunteer crew

I would just like to say a resounding hurrah to Mr. Jim Bodkin for his recent letter to the editor of The Morning Star regarding the current unpleasant situation between the Okanagan Landing firefighters and the City of Vernon.

I do not live anywhere near Okanagan Landing, but my heart is with the volunteer firefighters there who appear to be callously disrespected and made to feel “second class” to the volunteers and paid firemen of the city.

It is inferred that their training isn’t good enough for Vernon.

The fact that they weren’t even consulted prior to city council’s decision to not renew their contract was very poor procedure on the city’s part.

As Mr. Bodkin states, Vernon may be in the right to not renew the contract, but morally lacking in not discussing the process with the Landing volunteers ahead of time.

For Ms. Cunningham to so readily dismiss the existing volunteers shows how little respect she truly has for them.

“She isn’t concerned about a lack of recourses” should the existing volunteers, forced into a corner with the choice of “our way or the highway”, resign en masse.

Quickly dismissing people who have given up huge amounts of time in training, and firefighting, as well as the families who have supported them.

I share Mr. Bodkin’s shame in the way this matter has been handled. Ms Cunningham states that “this council today is committed to  volunteers.”

It sure doesn’t seem like it.

Thank you to Councillors Nicol, O’Keefe and Spiers for your positions in this matter.

Doug Hayden


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