Landing ignored

Former resident concerned about the actions of Vernon city hall over the years

The headline Sept. 4 was Vernon politician wants more water lines.

Brian Quiring stated, “It is mind boggling that we dragged the sewer line down there and we didn’t extend sewer,” and, “we need to extend water lines farther into Okanagan Landing.”

I lived in Okanagan Landing from 1980 until 2009.

In 1993, we were asked to join Vernon to get city services and we were told we were polluting the lake with out septic tanks.

What happened?

We did not get city water. No more talk of polluting the lake with our septic tanks.

What we got was increased property taxes only.

Where I lived, I was less than one block from city sewer and water.

Neither was made available to me or my neighbours.

When I sold in 2009, I am sure my property values were lowered by the lack of sewer and water.

I loved living in Vernon and was reluctant to leave after 29 years.

One factor in leaving was I do not like being treated as a second-class citizen.

So Mr. Quiring, thank you for your concern.

In my experience, you will get nowhere in getting the city to honour its commitment to provide city services made in 1993.

Don Macleod