Laundry service must remain

Resident concerned about the impact of Interior Health's proposal

Regarding the laundry service being contracted out.

The people of Vernon have always supported the hospital and we have many full-time and part-time employees that support the community.

Vernon Jubilee Hospital has all new equipment and they have already tried shipping the laundry elsewhere and it just didn’t work. Is this all going to waste again?

The trucking of wet laundry will cost more than any gain that will be had from lower wages. The hospital and all of the other facilities that use the laundry will be out of critical clothes and linen when they need them most. They will have to purchase many more sets of laundry to cover the down time.

I don’t know how anyone can justify the shipping of 10,000 pounds a day of laundry when the system we have works so well.

I call on all of the people of Vernon to protest this move quickly before it comes about. There will be disastrous results if this occurs. They say we have to look at the big picture but that’s bull.

The government is using false reasons for this move. It will not benefit the local hospital and it will not save anyone’s job.

Don Mills