Leave Polson for families

Resident opposed to proposed pickleball courts in the park

The pickleballers are requesting that as many as 16 pickleball courts be inserted into the centre of the grass oval in Polson Park.

With the recent publicity I am sure most of Vernon knows what pickleball is and what it brings to an area.

Let me lead off with that Polson Park is not a good fit for pickleball.

When the grandstand burned down, the city council of the time realized that this oasis in the middle of the city was a jewel for the citizens of Vernon.

They decided the park was to be dedicated as a family park and moved baseball.

With many dedicated parks employees and at considerable cost, they revamped the duck pond area, rebuilt the boardwalk, put in a children’s water spray area and playground.

With the majestic willow and other trees, the park has become a magnet for tourist stops and of course for Vernon citizens to enjoy the ducks and geese, the picnic tables and the only open grass area in the park – the oval.

Despite the background of a vehicle hum, it is a very enjoyable, serene experience to walk the length of the park and take in all its unique features.

Of course the magnificent gardens add to the ambience.

During the past five-plus years, the park has become a much used facility by citizens and visitors.

My wife and I  drive down from the Middleton Area three to four times a week to enjoy this wonderful park.

For the pickleballers, of course, this would be  like winning the lottery.

The problem is the noise of the bats and the chatter of the players (we older folks do chatter, as it is a social gathering) would completely destroy the serenity existing in the park today.

Try to picture and hear 12 to 16 pickleball courts going at it in this area.

Council, save Polson Park for what it was intended. It is not a sports park.

Assist the pickleballers in finding a proper sports location.

David W. Burns