Legal action making waves

Action against Coldstream and RDNO hurts entire community

One has to wonder what Crown counsel is trying to achieve by laying charges against two government bodies over a contamination issue from 2010.

The Walkerton case instantly comes to mind.

Yes, there was a contamination issue at Antwerp Springs, and obviously people were affected.

But unlike the tragedies that occurred from the Ontario situation, North Okanagan authorities were quick to warn residents not to drink the water and alert them to the contamination.

The regional district and Coldstream did their due diligence and a tragedy was avoided. Still, the pair of governing bodies are being taken to court over the issue.

That in turn will cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars in legal bills. As RDNO administrator Trafford Hall points out, those funds could have been used to make improvements to the water system. Such upgrades will help avoid any further issues with the system.

Not to mention the fact that the same government that started the investigation of the 2010 contamination is the one pressuring local authorities to improve its water system.

If the upgrades must proceed, will funds need to be diverted from important community projects?

Everyone knows the importance of protecting resources such as water, so if government is trying to make a point, why not issue a public report on the matter. Sit down with the parties involved, explain the potential consequences and come to an affordable agreement.

Not one the entire community pays for.