Legalization is not the answer

Letter writer raises concerns about pro-marijuana use comments

Regarding Get yourself informed and Logic challenged, I am not going to try to lower myself to the same kind of sarcasm I found in those above mentioned letters, albeit a challenge after reading them.

When people have opposing views, it does not indicate a lack of education, it simply indicates a difference of opinion and that is the joy of living in a country such as this. If we could stick to presenting our opinions without attacking the intelligence of those who don’t agree with you, it would make it much easier to consider what is presented without taking offence. If someone attacks my intelligence or sincerity, I tend not to want to listen to what they have to say.

That being said, I can offer my opinion about legalizing anything that is mind-altering for recreational use because of my experiences in life and because of my belief system that has grown out of trials, searching, and just plain living this life.  That was and is an education.

I noticed that Ms. Brown offered many good uses for cannabis as being a renewable resource for paper and clothing that had nothing to do with getting high and uses for helping those suffering from diseases who need help with pain or depression.

Those uses are defendable and should be considered thoughtfully.

However, I don’t understand the reference to legalizing cannabis probably being the best way to regulate access after referring to young people binge drinking.

Alcohol is legalized and that apparently has not regulated access enough to stop the binge drinking.

I noticed Mr. Levey confused someone thinking that cigarette smoking and smoking pot to get high, with hating liberal thinking.

I got confused by that argument.  I think I have heard arguments both for and against legalizing cannabis by more then one party and/or other types of thinkers. I don’t think you have to be a liberal to be considered educated and informed.

If that was the case, then that would hardly be a democracy (as referred to in the letter he cited).  That would be called something else all together.

I have a problem with legalizing anything that is mind-altering for recreational use. I don’t understand why we need to get high on anything other then this precious life we have been given if you aren’t suffering from a disease that is incurable, etc.

I know this world is messed up in many ways, but how does binge drinking, smoking up, shooting up, snorting up or any of those things make anything better?

I think there is plenty of evidence of the harm drugs and alcohol does to society.  Take a trip to the inner city and visit the addicts or look at all of the children put into foster care because of neglect caused by that need for artificial highs, to cite just a couple of problems and there are plenty more.

I know I just opened myself up to the argument that pot, marijuana or cannabis is not like alcohol or that it is not addicting, that people who use pot, or whatever you want to call it, are not violent, etc.

I have heard all of those arguments many times over. I still do not understand why you can’t live your life without those aides and spending all that money for artificial “highs”.

I have been down these roads and have had experiences. I have been through extreme trials and horrible sadness.  I know suffering both mentally and physically so I am not speaking out of ignorance in this way.

I understand wanting to find something to ease the pain and wanting an escape or a help.  There is nothing natural about anything you have to take, ingest, smoke, etc.

What is natural is learning to sort things out, asking for help, lending a temporary (or in a few cases permanent) helping hand to someone who needs a leg up, being considerate and compassionate, hugging, going hiking in the mountains, swimming, walking, drinking in all the beauty that this province has to offer.

Being educated should start by learning to love yourself, love others, being compassionate and knowing the difference between sympathy and empathy.

We were not born with a chimney attached to our bodies and we were not born needing to get high from any form of drugs or alcohol that you have to ingest.

Why should we legalize any more unnatural forms of highs?

That does not sound like an educated thing to do. It does sound like a crutch and an excuse.


R. Armstrong