Legalizing Marijuana

Leave casual pot smokers alone and give six-month jail sentences for those who talk or talk on cells while driving

When Canada’s previous Liberal government started making noises a few years back about decriminalizing marijuana, the U.S. got very antsy.

Canada backed down – as we always do when Uncle Sam expresses displeasure – and our current Conservative majority government, feet firmly planted in the 19th century as usual, has actually toughened marijuana possession penalties by imposing mandatory six-month minimum sentences for growing or even possessing miniscule amounts of the dreaded weed.

Soon, we’ll have our prisons full of folks serving 10 or 20-year terms for being caught with a few joints, just like our misguided cousins to the south.

Can privatized penitentiaries be far behind, to handle the increase in “unreported crime” that Stockwell Day apparently had seen in an apocalyptic vision?

At the same time as our national government is stubbornly bucking a worldwide realization that the “war on drugs” has caused far more social ills than it has ever cured, police have noted low compliance with recent laws prohibiting talking or texting on a cellphone while driving.

Our governments obviously have things backwards. Which group – casual marijuana users or drivers on cell phones – presents the biggest danger to the health and welfare of the rest of us?

How about mandatory minimum six-month jail sentences for morons who text or talk on their cell phones while driving – and leave the casual pot smokers alone?

Don Rollins, Vernon