Let the rainbows shine

Resident expresses his support for a rainbow crosswalk downtown

The paper’s October 26 front page story, as well as earlier columns on the rainbow being a symbol of inclusivity, rings true with me. One can always debate where and at whose cost it ought to be displayed, yet the acknowledgement that all individuals of society are created equal and have value should be voiced by everyone.

That the rainbow’s varied stripes are meant to indicate the exclusion of none, tells me that all minorities, also Christians, are in.

As such, I can fully appreciate the coloured bow, adapted from its original biblical designation as a sign of God’s faithfulness. That if it should rain, the ensuing rainbow tells every living person that the rain will stop, never to drown us and the whole world in a flood again.

So I’m with others mentioned on the front page — the Sikh who sees significance in the orange, and Mayor Mund, who looks at it like art.

Now that’s true inclusivity and liberty. Each one being free to view, interpret and express the symbol’s personal significance.

Ben Meerstra