Lethal weapons

Letter writer raises concerns about the lack of a gun registry

A driver with a vehicle is a potential lethal weapon, and we see evidence of this daily on our roads and highways, hundreds are killed. In order to keep track of this a driver must be licensed and the vehicle registered so that the vehicle is traceable and ownership is clear.

A rifle is a lethal weapon and it has a user.  Users must be registered and take a course on using rifles. However, the lethal weapon itself is now not registered and so there is no trace on ownership – therefore of two lethal weapons, one the vehicle, is properly registered and traceable, but the rifle is not.

This has all quietly gone on since the dismantling of the gun registry –  not only has the registry gone, but so has the registration at the point of sale.

Domestic violence is mostly done with rifles that are now not registerable.

If you think that all weapons that are potentially lethal deserve registration in a civilized country you might want to let your federal government representative know that and also ask them what they think about it.

David M. Kennedy