Let’s get our projects in priority

Resident questions where the Regional District of North Okanagan has spent money

Living in the Regional District of North Okanagan for the past 20 years, my first observation was the No. 1 priority in the area was sewer and water.

From 1995 to 2000, nothing was done but then all hell broke loose. First, we built an arena and then next we built a performing arts centre and a library (obsolete). Still no sewer or water.

Finally, a make-shift water plant to the tune of $20 million — a complete waste of money. Next comes the master water plan for about $70 million. Luckily, it was voted down.

Next was the track/football field. The word on the street is this is another white elephant. The recreation complex has to be upgraded but at least it is used by a lot of citizens. Hockey people want another ice surface. The question is why when school enrolment is down.

Hockey is down all across Canada. Kids are all moving to soccer. The bottom line is hockey is subsidized and they all want to play prime time. Maybe they should be paying their full share if they want more ice.

Today, the master water plan has reared its ugly head again. They want citizens to go on a master water board. Why? To justify their actions. What do these citizens know about water? First of all, fire some water experts.  Do we want another Duteau Creek (say no more)?

We need a water plan using water from Okanagan Lake. I hear rumours that we don’t have a water license to take water from the lake. Demand one.

The lake belongs to the people of B.C. Let’s do it right or don’t do it at all.

The point I am trying to make is the only person who had the foresight to see what the area’s top priority is was Gyula Kiss.

We should put a stop to all of the projects until the arena, arts centre, Duteau Creek and library are paid off. Oops, too late.

Running RDNO is like running your household. They should only be allowed to mortgage a percentage of their income.

If the citizens ran their houses like the local governments, we would all be bankrupt and in the poor house. Again, they do not have our problem. All they have to do is figure out how much to raise the taxes each year.

I agree the projects are needed but let’s get our projects in priority and what part of our tax income can be used for mortgages, and live with it.

Finally, there should be new bylaws written to protect property owners. Trees growing 100 feet high are blocking out lake views of people who paid big dollars for lake and valley views. Residential areas are beginning to look like trailer parks — boat trailers, fifth-wheels, motor homes and unlicensed vehicles all parked on streets for weeks at a time.

The problem should be addressed immediately.

RDNO is a beautiful area.

Let’s keep it that way and stop letting a few ruin it for the majority of citizens in the area.

B.J. Stahl