Let’s promote free parking

Resident wants to make it easier for people to head downtown to shop

It’s great that the City of Vernon offers some free parking at a couple of downtown parking lots every Saturday.

The problem is that most people don’t know about it.

I have worked in downtown Vernon for several years and I am shocked that most people have not heard about the free parking offered.

I also get really frustrated at how quickly the by-law officers hand out tickets, especially on Saturdays, when in many cases only one block away is an almost empty parking lot.

Recently, the City of Vernon updated many signs and I must say that they look really good except for the parkade.

It is almost impossible to read the very small print on the bottom of the only sign that says, “Free on Saturdays.”

Prior to this recent sign, there was nothing to indicate this at all.  Apparently the DVA has offered to make a nice big sign to promote the free parking on Saturdays but the city has declined.

There is also free parking every Saturday at the large lot located at the other end of downtown at the old Coldstream Hotel location (across from the bus depot).

It’s interesting that not one customer that I have asked knows about this free parking at either parking lot.

In my opinion,  the City of Vernon needs to do a much better job of promoting this.

I know it is difficult to want to promote something that is free, rather than collecting parking revenue.

Downtown businesses need customers and many customers have been  frustrated about the parking situation. I am sure customers would be happy to save money on Saturdays if they knew where to park.

So, lets make every Saturday a shop local day.  Why not relax. Go for lunch, watch a movie at the theatre and go shopping downtown.

You won’t have to worry about getting a parking ticket if you park at these two lots.

Why not support local businesses?

There are 200 to 280 free parking spaces waiting for you downtown every Saturday.

L. Woodman