Letter: Broad statements not productive

Letter: Broad statements not productive

I did do my research before I voted, I found all the information online that I could.

Regarding several letters in the Dec. 19, 2018 Paper:

First, to Gary Biro, you make a broad statement in saying the taxpayers do not care: I do and make my viewpoints know in this forum and I also email my mayor and council members regarding my viewpoint.

I will say that they do not respond usually, with the exception of the former mayor. Maybe if more people were to contact these elected persons that we would get more accomplished and our view might be heard. But the big problem is transparency, something talked about by all during the election but to date, none have practised.

Second to Susan Young, first off let me set the facts this paper has bent over backwards to give the Yes vote more article time, more space in the letters to the editor than the No side. If you want to talk to the editor as I at one time accused him of being biased for the Yes vote because of the greater number more than 70 per cent of letters, but in his favour, he did respond to me and straightened me out.

Then in regards to your second paragraph, you say you based your campaign on the UN and OECD and the No side comparisons with “and specious comparisons with countries with different histories, cultures and socio-economic problems,” well I ask you is that not what the UN and OECD stand for and represent?

I do also remember at the beginning of the campaign that the No side also had some misinformation out. Representation systems that have “little similarity to those proposed for B.C.” well, even the premier stated no idea was completely new and one similar to another.

I did do my research before I voted, I found all the information online that I could regarding countries that used the system and ones that used the present and weighed the difference. But I went one step farther I called friends from three countries that use the PR system and ask them what they thought, two are Canadian citizens no and one still resides in their homeland and all liked our present system, why because of the smaller number of parties.

Garry Haas